Tinker Time: real world problem solving in the classroom

The Central West Leadership Academy values 21st Century Skills as the core focus of our schooling. To bring the real world learning into the classroom, the Academy will offer Tinker Time, a two hour block of time per week where students can use Design Thinking principles and apply them to real world challenges.

Students at the Academy will choose a project to work on each semester that has either a personal, school or community improvement focus. Students will then drive their own learning to identify and acquire the skills they need and implement their problem solving project in a real world setting.

This brings an exciting opportunity for local businesses and community groups to partner with us and get involved to support student learning and community improvement projects.

This places students in the driving seat of their own learning and engagement

Examples of projects could be:

  • A student hears on the news Australia has a lack of sign language interpreters. The student takes an online sign language course to proficiency and volunteers at the Regional Theatre.

  • A student wants to encourage participation in local music events for young people. They might approach the Youth Council or the Conservatorium and help develop events and marketing that would engage young people in local music.

  • A student identifies a local environmental issue they are passionate about. They might partner with local naturalist groups or organisation to create an awareness and action campaign.

This not only reinforces the content knowledge from class, but places students in the driving seat of their own learning and engagement. It makes them positively and productively engaged members of the community able to participate in and help lead community projects.

These are the true skills our students will need as they grow into our future leaders.

BlogFred Randell