da Vinci Decathlon Holiday Camp

Our da Vinci Decathlon School Holiday Camp is designed to engage and inspire young, inquisitive minds during the September/October school holidays.

The event will be hosted at CSU providing students the opportunity to engage with a tertiary education environment. The course content will be based on the NSW da Vinci Decathlon academic competition, and delivered by the Central West Leadership Academy.

We are offering three different courses for Year 3-6 students over five days. You can register for individual courses, or come along to all three!

Courses run from from 9-3pm daily at the CSU campus (Tony McGrane Place, Dubbo, NSW).

There will be a morning tea break and a lunch break. Students are to bring their own food and drink as well as a sun hat. 


Monday 25 September & Tuesday 26 September

In this two day course, students will enter the world of critical and creative thinking through Philosophy.  Students will get a brief overview of critical thought, work through logic puzzles, do creative role play through a philosophical lens and try Da Vinci Decathlon challenges for the Philosophy section.

$130 for the 2 day course

Art and Poetry

Wednesday 27 September & Thursday 28 September

In this two day course, students will look at a brief overview of Art history and design principles.  Students will also explore creative writing through reading and writing poetry, culminating in undertaking Art and Poetry Challenges from the Da Vinci Decathlon.

$130 for the 2 day course


Friday 29 September

In this one day course, students will practice public speaking and constructing  arguments for contemporary issues.  Students will research, construct arguments and the day will culminate in live debates. Try your hand at persuasive thinking and speaking.

$65 for the one day

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Fill in your details below to apply for a spot in our da Vinci Holiday camp courses. Places are strictly limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Once you have submitted the application form and we have processed it, you will receive an invoice for the full amount for the courses you have selected.

Please note - your child will not be registered in a course until we have received payment of your invoice and you receive a confirmation email from us.

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